Yui Iwata-Skweres (violin) and Tomasz Skweres (cello) have been performing internationally as Duo Skweres since 2016 - in Germany, Austria, Poland, Japan and Argentina. The works of the 20th and 21st centuries play a particularly important role in the duo's repertoire. In addition to „classics“ of the instrumentation  violin and cello, like  the Duo for Violin and Cello by Zoltan Kodaly and the Sonata for Violin and Cello by Maurice Ravel, the ensemble is dedicated to contemporary music and works closely with composers.

Zoltan Kodaly - Duo for Violin and Cello op.7, 1.movement
00:00 / 08:41
tomasz skweres - Seven Affects for violin and cello
00:00 / 13:10

foto credits (all fotos on the DUO SKWERES Page) to Sylwia Tracz

Tomasz Skweres - Nyos for violin and cello
00:00 / 09:31
Witold Lutosławski - Bukoliki
00:00 / 07:49




- 3.2.2022 Polish Culture Institute in Vienna - Recital of Duo Skweres:

Roman Pawolek „Cantonese Dances“ for violin and cello

Grażyna Bacewicz „Kaprys Polski“ for violin solo

Mateusz Ryczek „Duo“ for violin and cello

Tomasz Skweres „Suite Macabre“ for cello solo

Tomasz Skweres „Nyos“ for violin and cello

Zoltan Kodaly „Duo“ op. 7 for violin and cello

Polish Culture Institute

- 26.4.2022, 7.00 pm, Cafe Korb, Vienna - Concert of Duo Skweres organised by the Austrian Composers Union:


Roman Pawolek: „Cantonese Dances“ for violin and cello

Alexandra Karastoyanova-Hermentin: „Hommage an Scarlatti“ for Cello solo, 2021 (10 Min)

Dieter Kaufmann: „Tritono-ballo“ für Violine solo (3 Min)

Erich Urbanner: „Reminiszenzen“ für Cello solo, 2005 (13 Min)

Dieter Kaufmann: „Durch die Nacht“ für Violine und Tonband, 2021 (5 Min)

Tomasz Skweres: „Nyos“ für Violine und Cello, 2021 (9 Min)

Composers Lounge

- 3.7.2022, 8.00 pm, Theater Regensburg, Germany -  recital of Duo Skweres as a part of chamber music concert cycle of the philharmonic orchestra of Regensburg.

Roman Pawollek (*1971) - Cantonese Dances 
Tomasz Skweres (*1984) - Suite Macabre

Alexandra Karastoyanoya-Hermentin -Hommager an Scarlatti
Rolli Bohnes (*1980) - Venom versus Claws  
Eugène Ysaÿe (1858 – 1931) - Sonate für Violine solo G-Dur op. 5  
Zoltán Kodály (1882 – 1967) - Duo für Violine und Violoncello op. 7 

Theater Regensburg




- 15.11.2021,  Innovation Center Wroclaw , Poland - recital “Perseids” of Duo Skweres with contemporary music for violin and cello organised by the Wroclaw section of the Polish Composer`s Union.


Grzegorz Wierzba:  “Perseids” for violin and cello

Tomasz Skweres: “Nyos” for violin and cello

Alina Błońska: “La música calladá” for cello solo
Rafał Augustyn: “Stela” for violin and cello
Adam Porębski: “The thing” for cello solo
Paweł Hendrich: “Transforma 1.1” and “Transforma 1.2” for violin and cello
Mateusz Ryczek: “Duo” for violin and cello

Polish Composers Union